32 plants a week challenge

Roasted pumpkin, onion and cauliflower soup: 12 different plants in one plate
Asking for a friend :) — how many different plants have you eaten in the last 7 days?
Even those of us who seem to eat aplenty might sometimes find that we are eating the same fruit&veg again, and again, and again. And quantities are great, but variety is somewhat behind. Which is a bit of a pity, because the more diverse our intake of plants, the bigger range of vitamins, minerals and all sorts of essential nutrients we are providing for our body.

More than that — the bigger range of plants we eat, the healthier and more diverse our gut flora is, the better our hormones, overall health and weight will be.

28-32 different plants a week is considered to be a winner. Everything counts. Onions you fried with morning mushrooms, dill you sprinkled over the soup, banana you blitzed into morning smoothie — it all counts, you’ve licked it, so it’s yours.

So I just wonder if you’d like to join me on a 32 per week challenge that I’ll be doing for the next month. Have made this little table for my count, will post my results every 7 days. If nothing else comes out of it, at least my gut will be happy, that I know for sure. Please do join in, in your own time and place, the more the merrier, really.
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