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Fermentation&Gut Health Workshop, 16 October 2022

A full on practical day workshop on all things fermented.
I invite you to join me in the kitchen, take a sip of coffee and a bite of sourdough with cultured butter, roll up your sleeves and spend a day chopping, talking, laughing and mastering the art of fermentation.

By the end of the day you will gain confidence in 3 different fermentation techniques, as well as have all your gut health questions answered.

Please scroll down for a full description of this wonderful and, dare I say, unique to UK market workshop.

When: 8th of October 2022, 10am - 4 pm
Where: Greenwich, London
Both fermentation and gut health are very hot topics now, and rightly so. Gut is hugely responsible for mood and state of our mind, how strong our immune system is, how energetic and resilient we are, and our life force in general. Never mind our ability to eat and digest anything we like! Gut is life and fermented foods are a huge and very important part of our gut health.
Navigating the world of fermented foods can be really confusing though. Where do you start, what are dos and donts, how do you decide whether to ferment at home or just buy it off the shelf. And if you do - how do you pick best quality ferments, where you get them from, and how one is better than another. How do you know if ferments are right for you? We shall talk about that and many other things related to your gut wellbeing.

What to expect on the day

Essentially, it is a day full of chopping, talking and abundance of gut friendly food we shall make and enjoy together. But most importantly, you will master the basics of fermentation, so you can apply them to your reality and confidently create selection of ferments at any point of time, wherever you are and whatever you`ve got in your fridge.

We shall make 4 flavour packed ferments using 3 different techniques of fermentation:
  • seasonal variation of kraut (we are talking exotic fruit, herbs, spices - I`ll show you ways of turning any ferment into flavoursome and colourful masterpiece)
  • Mediterranean vegetable medley (your cheese board will never look the same)
  • red onions(everyone`s favourite!)
  • raw fermented sauce(we are talking ketchup with benefits)

Making these involves most fundamental fermentation techniques, so once you`ve mastered them, no one can stop you after. Promise!

And the last, but by no means the least - we shall make our lunch together. Because teaching you fermentation is a one thing. Another one is to share with you ways of implementing these ferments into your daily dishes in a way that is delicious, exciting and friendly to your daily routine. Just wait and see for yourself!

And in the gaps between slicing cabbages and apples, I will also be talking about pillars of gut health, wider than fermented food on its own. Simple and working tips on how you can bullet proof your own gut and digestive health. All questions are welcome!
Course instructor
I`m Olga Bonde, Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in gut&hormonal health. I run my clinic in London where I help clients from all over the world to rebuild their friendship with food.
I am also a Le Cordon Bleu Chef, food and health are undoubtedly my greatest passion in life, and I`d be delighted to share it with you.
In my professional past I`m also a head of production at London Fermentary, a true British pioneer and maverick in all things fermented. So, whatever fermentation and gut health related questions you may have — bring them on, I`ve got answers to them and will be delighted to share all I know with you.

I look forward to seeing you with your apron on and having lots of cookery fun together.
Frequently Asked Questions

Any previous experience needed?

None at all, only your curiosity and enthusiasm, we`ll teach you everything else on the day
What is included?
Absolutely everything you might need for the class:
  • all equipment and ingredients
  • recipe book to take home with you
  • lunch and refreshments
Just turn up and enjoy the day!
Do I need to bring anything at all?
Only a strong bag to carry 4 jars of freshly made ferments back home. we`ll take care of the rest.
I am vegetarian

And so is our menu! Abundance of plants is one of the fundamentals of a gut friendly diet. So our daily offering of ingredients and dishes is just about that.
Are pictures allowed?

Absolutely yes! You are very welcome to take photos and videos of everything that catches your interest. As well as sharing these on your social media.
We reserve the same right for ourselves(please let us know in advance if you do not want to be on those pictures)

Cancellation policy
If you need to withdraw from a workshop, please let us know no later than 7 days prior to workshop date, and we will refund your full fee.
After the cutoff date the refund can only be made if a participant replacement is found.

Fermentation Made Easy, 12th of March 2022
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