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Breakfasts Made Easy

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In this 3.5 hours hands on masterclass I`ll take you on a journey of breakfasts, those kinds of breakfasts that are both quick and easy to make, nourishing, beautiful, great for your gut, energy levels and overall glow.

We shall start our day with some light plates, tea, coffee, smoothies and a chat. I`ll share with you fundamentals of a balanced breakfast, things to pay attention to, as well as ways of shopping and prepping ingredients in a way that will save you tons of time and mental space.

Once mastered those ways, you`ll never have to spend more than 15 minutes on putting together a breakfast that ticks every box.

When: 26th of June 2022, 10am - 1.30 pm
Where: Wimbledon, London
After breakfast we`ll roll our sleeves up and move into the kitchen to play together.
We`ll have a good look at all different ingredients we`ll be using: flours(coconut, buckwheat, teff, chickpea, rice), fibers and husks, proteins (powders, tofu, eggs), spices, fruit, veg, nuts and a whole other lot of ingredients one can find exciting, delicious, unusual even.
I`ll show you how to combine them, and what little tricks you could use to turn these into most simple yet beautiful, balanced and satisfying in every way plates of food.
And even though this class has been built around breakfast ideas, comes without saying the recipes are equally suitable for luches, lunchboxes, snacking and any other occasion you can think of.
Everything we shall make&enjoy on the day is gluten, dairy&added sugar free. Some recipes use almonds & hazelnuts in them.
Also please note that masterclass will be taking place in a professional bakery, meaning you will be potentially exposed to traces of gluten in the air(in case it matters for your health condition).

During masterclass you will learn to make:

- Selection of savoury muffins
- Roasted veg& herbs frittata
- Buckwheat bread
- Variety of egg cups
- Banana&chocolate bread
- Berry, almonds&buckwheat friands
- Coconut wraps
- Lentil wraps
- Tofu scramble
- Pineapple&blueberry baked oats
- Chia puddings
- Protein pancakes

(I`m also keeping a couple of other delicious recipes as an added bonus if time allows!)

You`ll take home:

- Knowledge, understanding and inspiration, plenty of it!

- Recipe book of everything we`ve cooked and eaten on a day

- Shopping list of ingredients we used on a day(brands, shops, etc)

- A snack box of baked items we`ll make on the day to share with family

Zemallow Bakery
Unit 31, Summerstown, Wimbledon
SW17 0BQ, London

Sunday, 26th of June, 10am-1.30pm
If you wish to stay for another half an hour afterwards, to chat &ask questions – you are more than welcome to do so!
About me:
I`m Olga Bonde, nutritional therapist specialising in gut&hormonal health, in my professional past – Le Cordon Bleu pastry chef.

I run a clinic in London where I help women from all over the world rebuild their friendship with food. And when opportunity presents itself - I run classes like this one.

I`m hugely passionate about food and the role it plays in our health and wellbeing, I`d be delighted to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you on the day.

Look forward to seeing you with an apron on(we`ll provide these too!) and having lots of cookery fun together.
All good wishes,
Frequently Asked Questions

Any previous experience needed?

None at all, only your curiosity and enthusiasm, we`ll teach you everything else on the day
What is included?
Absolutely everything you might need for the class:
  • all equipment and ingredients
  • recipe book to take home with you
  • breakfast and refreshments
Just turn up and enjoy the day!
Do I need to bring anything at all?
Nothing, just turn up, we`ll take care of the rest.
I am vegetarian

And so is our menu! Abundance of plants is one of the fundamentals of a gut friendly diet. So our daily offering of ingredients and dishes is just about that.
There may be some extra dairy products and smoked salmon offered to those who wish them on their plates as an added flavour, but our class menu is fully vegetarian.
Are pictures allowed?

Absolutely yes! You are very welcome to take photos and videos of everything that catches your interest. As well as sharing these on your social media.
We reserve the same right for ourselves(please let us know in advance if you do not want to be on those pictures)

Cancellation policy
If you need to withdraw from a workshop, please let us know no later than 7 days prior to workshop date, and we will refund your full fee.
After the cutoff date the refund can only be made if a participant replacement is found.

Breakfasts Made Easy, next date October 2022
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