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Creating new eating & lifestyle habits takes time. And while you are walking this path to your healthier, radiant self — it`s great to have someone who will answer your questions, keep you accountable and support every step of your way with empathy and understanding.
My signature service is a 12-week Get Glowing programme, but I also offer various packages that fit your unique circumstances. My fees range from £250 to £1200, depending on the level of support you need.
If you’re ready to work with me or need more information, please book a free call to discuss your situation and find the best way of working together.
Currently, most of my sessions are held online via Zoom
If you prefer in-person sessions, I also run a weekly clinic in Belgravia, London.

GET GLOWING, my signature 12 weeks programme

What if I told you that after years of caring for your loved ones it is about time you put yourself first and invested in your health? Into getting back to feeling and looking your best.

And this process doesn`t need to be complicated, you just need a plan. Let me create one for you, unique to your lifestyle, your circumstances, your pace.

When my clients start the Get Glowing programme, they’re often exhausted, confused, unwell and desperate to regain their sparkle and glow. By the end of our 12 weeks together, they feel completely different women — confident, vibrant, full of energy and in control of their health.

I would love to help you do the same!
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The programme includes:


Initial 90-minute private consultation & 6 progress review sessions (spaced 2 weeks apart)


In-depth assessment of your health, diet, lifestyle, family and medical history


Analysis of recent blood/any other tests to add further insight into your symptoms


Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan to address your symptoms and get you back to vibrant, healthy you


Your personal healthy eating shopping plan(if needed)


Recommendation of laboratory testing through your GP or private providers (if needed)


Supplementation plan (if needed) and access to my 15% discount on supplement specialist websites


E-mail support for the duration of the programme and access to my expert guidance as you move forward


A regularly updated nutrition/lifestyle plan so you always stay focused on your goals and know the next steps

If required, payment in 3 equal installments can be arranged
The Initial Consultation
To get the most out of our first session together, I’ll ask you to fill in a 3-day food diary and an in-depth health questionnaire a couple of days prior to our meeting.

The initial consultation will take up to 90 minutes, allowing me to get a thorough picture of your health, lifestyle factors, dietary habits and symptoms so I can create your action plan.

Following the consultation, you’ll receive a nutrition/lifestyle plan created specifically for you and your needs. This is usually accompanied by information that I feel will support you as you make changes. This includes simple recipe ideas, shopping lists, nutrient charts and other useful resources to support your progress.
Follow-up Sessions
As you make changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, our follow-up sessions will keep you motivated and provide practical and emotional support.

We will use each follow-up session to review your progress, celebrate your wins, refine the next steps (if needed) and adjust the plan if necessary. Celebrating who you are is a key part of my work and I will take every opportunity to do this.
Test results are beneficial when it comes to putting pieces of your health puzzle together. Depending on your symptoms, stool or comprehensive hormone testing may be needed to guide us further.

We will always make testing decisions based on your health and financial situation. Whenever possible, I will happily work with your GP to request tests.
My approach to health is gut-centric and focuses heavily on how nutrition and lifestyle can improve gut health and support wider health through food. But in some cases, taking supplements for a short time may also be recommended.
Are you ready to regain your energy, glow and self-confidence?
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